Marmara Authentic Turkish Delight with Rose /Sweet Confectionery Gourmet Gift Box Candy Dessert,Net Wt. 4.4 ounces

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Our Rose flavored Turkish Delights in a double pack, traditionally known as Lokum, is a confectionery treat that originated in Turkey about 500 years ago and spread across the globe including all of the Mediterranean and across Eastern Europe. These Turkish Delights are served with Turkish Black Tea and Coffee and enjoyed through out the day. As tea is a beverage which is consumed all day in Turkey. During Ottoman times, The Sultan would request something sweet with his cup of Tea and thus, these sweets were created. Truly a delight to eat! At Marmara, we take great pride in ensuring our gift boxed candies are made from real fruit extracts and protein rich nuts. Our Fruit, Jelly and Nut candies are eaten as dessert or tea time treats. So indulge your sweet tooth with fruity flavors or nutty morsels and as we say at Marmara Foods, “Share the delight!”



  • BUZZFEED’s “top 17 Food Gift Items”! Infused with the fragrance and flavors of ROSE and a light dusting of sugar, this Mini Rose Flavored Turkish Delight captures the true essence of the Mediterranean. Our Turkish Delights promise to bring quality sweets with exotic flavors. ROSE is another level of scrumptious with this centuries old TRADITION.
  • QUALITY PACKAGING- NEW MOISTURE SECURE PACKING: Our new packaging retains all moisture to our sweets without making them chewy. Authentic Turkish Delights made in the traditional centuries old Ottoman ways. Marmara take great pride in the quality of our products. The ROSE flavor is the original flavor that started it all. Our Turkish Delights are eaten as a dessert or tea/coffee break treat. So indulge your sweet tooth with fruity jelly flavors or nut candy morsels and share the delight!
  • OUR PRODUCTS: We are a U.S. based company carrying our own brand and not a 3rd party re-seller. This is why our customer service is the best! Our NEW INNER Pack helps keep the treats fresh. Try our 15 other mouth watering flavors to choose from and all our other products. Our Fruit Jelly and Nut Boxed Candy Treats are great with Turkish Tea.
  • BEST IN ITS KIND: Marmara Foods Turkish Delight with Rose made it to Buzzfeed’s list of “TOP 17 FOOD GIFTS FROM AMAZON”! Rose flavor is an acquired taste and those familiar with its floral aroma and tasted will absolutely devour it!
  • GIFT: Great gift for any occasion. We Package all our products in a sophisticated box, elegant enough to give as is