Sayan Sugar Free All Natural Gum 6 Packs (96 Pieces)| Siberian Larch Tree Resin and Beeswax Chewing Gum for Fresh Breath | Vegetarian, Non-GMO, No Sugar, Gluten Free, Aspartame Free | No Preservatives

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The Siberian Larch is native to Siberia, the most ecologically pure region in the world. This large tree is known for its hardiness against the frost and extreme cold temperatures of the region. The resin used for this gum is extracted from solidified sap that forms on the hearty trunk of the tree, maintaining the stalwart properties of the tree itself.

Combined with clarified beeswax, the result is a combination of flavors and ingredients that are tough on mouth odor, yet pleasant to taste and chew. You’ll find the same satisfaction in chewing and assuaging bad breath that you would with sugared gum, without the guilt of degenerative effects of sugar or unnatural materials on your teeth, gums, and overall.



  • SAYAN GUM IS FREE OF FAKE SUGAR & OTHER HARMFUL PRODUCTS: Our gum packs do not contain real sugar or fake sugar. They are free of aspartame, synthetics, or artificial flavors, this means Sayan gum contains absolutely no artificial ingredients. Our gum is also Non-GMO, vegetarian, dairy-free, nut-free, and soy-free. Our bulk package includes 6 packs with 16 pieces each (a total of 96 pieces), to freshen your breath naturally.
  • TWO NATURAL INGREDIENTS: We created a natural chewing gum that is as healthy as it tastes good. Our gum contains two ingredients found in nature: tree resin and beeswax. This way, you know exactly what you are putting in your mouth. Our bodies weren’t designed to consume synthetic, man-made, and heavily processed foods. Let’s go back to a simpler time when we took ownership over what we allowed to put in our bodies.
  • IMPROVE MOUTH HEALTH AND SUPPORT HEALTHY GUMS: Sugarless chewing gum can help clean your teeth and promote oral health. Many professionals and a lot of research suggest that there could be a direct correlation with chewing gum and healthy gums. That’s because the act of chewing produces saliva which naturally cleanses the mouth and loosens food particles from the crevices of teeth. By chewing Sayan Natural Gum, you are improving your mouth’s disposition.
  • TWO CHOICES, TWO GREAT TASTES: Our long-lasting herbal-flavored gum comes in two unique and great tasting flavors. The Siberian Larch is a mild, refreshing taste that carries faint notes of horehound. The Siberian Pine is more potent with distinct accents of pine and light parsley. Both flavors are great after-meal options that rid the breath of strong food tastes and smells while also aiding in digestion and a healthy mouth. Both flavors are great choices of gum for bad breath and dry mouth.
  • KNOW WHAT YOU’RE CHEWING: Most gum, especially bubble gum, available on the market is unhealthy for you in one form or another. The regular sticks of gum are packed full of sugar, which may affect your health and potentially putting your metabolism out of whack. Most of the sugar-free gum on the market is made with aspartame, sucralose, acesulfame, saccharin, xylitol, or sorbitol -all ingredients that a lot of independent research suggests could be the reason for long-term health issues.