Brownie Brittle, 5 oz, Dark Chocolate Sea Salt (Pack of 6)

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Like many brownie aficionados, Brownie Brittle creator Sheila G is particularly fond of crispy edges and would walk through the bakery gathering crispy batter off the sides of pans as the chocolate brownies cooled in their racks.



  • This is the latest Brownie Brittle flavor to join the family and is hard to find in stores. Your favorite cookie is now smothered with rich dark chocolate chips and flecks of sea salt for the ultimate sweet and savory combination that satisfies.
  • At only 120 calories/ounce for each flavor, Brownie Brittle was named the, “health-conscious chocoholic’s dream come true,” by And you’ll understand why with your first bite into this Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Brownie Brittle cookie!
  • Brownie Brittle was invented by Sheila G. Mains, a famous baker who learned from her grandmother and mother that great ingredients plus a great recipe are the keys to a great baked good. And Sheila G’s favorites were her grandmother’s brownies.
  • For recipes, check out the Brownie Brittle website for dessert recipes and even cocktail recipes.