Brownie Brittle Chocolate Almond, 5oz, 6Count

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Like many brownie aficionados, Brownie Brittle creator Sheila G is particularly fond of crispy edges and would walk through the bakery gathering crispy batter off the sides of pans as the chocolate brownies cooled in their racks.



  • Welcome Chocolate Almond Brownie Brittle. In this 6-pack ½ case 5oz package, you’ll get 6 (six) bags of our 5oz Chocolate Almond Brownie Brittle.
  • Only 120 calories/oz, it’s no wonder this product has won so many awards including Fitness Magazine and Health Magazine best new snack awards and numerous food industry and Editors’ Choice awards.
  • Created by Sheila G. Mains, author of “butter & chocolate,” and celebrity baker who learned from her grandmother and mother that great ingredients plus a great recipe are the keys to a great baked good.
  • This brand-new Chocolate Almond Brownie Brittle flavor has limited availability and can be hard to find in retail stores, so order online for guaranteed variety and availability.
  • For recipes, check out Brownie Brittle website for dessert recipes and even cocktail recipes. Or just enjoy any of our products right out of the package!