Jelly Bean Of The Month Club Featuring David Murphy Gourmet Jelly Beans – 3 Month Subscription, 1 Bag Of Jelly Beans Per Month

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A Happy Belly Is One Full Of Jelly!

Are you quick to name jelly beans as your favorite candy, when asked? Do you have fond memories of your mom or grandma treating you to jelly beans when you were little?

Now you can join in on the gourmet experience, by acquainting yourself with one new flavor per month, for the next 3 months, by subscribing to The Jelly Bean Of The Month Club!

3 Months. 3 Flavors.

Whether a jelly bean enthusiast yourself, or a gift giver in search of a hit gift for the jelly bean fan in your life, then be prepared for an amazing trip around the world – without moving an inch from your home!

What’s best – each month, you will receive a different Jelly Bean “Favorite Flavor”!

Gourmet Jelly

Free of artificial colors and flavors, each jelly bean provides you with an authentic, gourmet experience, unmatched by any similar product on the market.

Don’t Waste Another Minute!


  • ● THE GIFT THAT GIFTS ON GIVING!: Are you a jelly bean aficionado? Do you have anyone in your life who can’t do without his favorite jellies? Then look no further! The Jelly Bean Of The Month Club by David Murphy Candy is the best way to embark on a different jelly bean adventure, each month, throughout the next year!
  • ● A NEW FLAVOR ON YOUR DOORSTEP: By subscribing to the Jelly Of The Month club, you are automatically signing up for monthly deliveries of each month’s ‘Favorite Flavor’! So once you’ve gone through with your purchase, you have ensured 3 months of happiness! Oh – and there are NO hidden shipping fees!
  • ● ONE OR TWO? IT’S UP TO YOU!: Do you want one 0.5 lb. bag, or perhaps two 0.5 lb. bags, to share your jelly loot with friends and family? Simply choose which option suits you best while you check out and we’ll send you your jelly beans, just the way you like them!
  • ● GOURMET JELLY: Think you’ve tried all jelly bean flavors? Think again! David Murphy Jelly Beans are an expert fusion of exotic cuisine and luxury candy, combining the traditional, jelly bean recipe with the finest, most exotic spices, herbs, roots, flowers, fruits, and nuts, specific to world cultures, to take you on a taste journey around the world.
  • ● START TODAY: Don’t waste another minute, don’t spend another dime on chemically-laden jellies. Subscribe to our Jelly Of The Month Club and treat yourself to an otherworldly gustatory experience. Click Add To Cart Now & Join The Club!