Pure Hemp Lozenge for Pain Relief, Increase Focus, Anxiety Relief, and Stress Relief, Sleep Aid and Calm Mood, Pure Vegan and Organic Oil Extract, Natural Watermelon


Get the peaceful deep sleep you deserve – our natural sleep anxiety relief for adults sleep aid chewable hemp candy is scientifically formulated with pure extract hemp oil capsules which is better than sleeping supplements to help you rest soundly through the night. Hemp also is known for helping people with depression and reducing the symptoms of everyday stress.



  • Say goodbye to pharmaceuticals and hello to an effective all natural anxiety relief supplement: Hemp Oil. Our pure hemp extract is an anti-inflammatory supplement provides pain relief from arthritis, joint pain, muscle soreness. Also, an amazing Sleep Aid for Adults.
  • Candies are BETTER than Tincture Oil and Gummies because candies slowly disolve in your mouth through the sublingual gland which is 7x more effective and more potent than when being swallowed since the majority of the nutritional value is destroyed by the acids in your stomach. Our hemp candy comes scientifically dosed at 25 mg per serving for mental focus supplement.