Sharper Image Motion Activated Dispenser

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SHARPER IMAGE Motion-Activated Candy Dispenser For Gumballs, Nuts, Snacks, Touchless Battery Operated Sensor Detector for Hands-Free Easy Fill Treats for Kids, Adults, Home/Office (Black, NEW VERSION)



  • SNACK IN STYLE with the Sharper Image Motion-Activated Candy Dispenser! The dispenser stores everything from peanuts, small gumballs, jellybeans, and much more in an easy-to-fill plastic canister. Its smooth, contemporary design works great with any home or office interior. Place your hand or dish under the dispenser’s sensor to activate. The touchless activation helps prevent the spread of germs, too!
  • SNACKS DOS AND DON’TS: The dispenser holds approximately 12.5 cups of snacks/candies, though exact measurements will vary based on snack particle size and density. Only hard or semi-hard candies/nuts/snacks are recommended; soft and wrapped candies do not dispense properly and may clog the chute. Ideal snacks include small gumballs, M&Ms, Skittles, small-shelled nuts, cereals, dry pet food/kibble, and foods of similar particle/hardness.
  • DISPENSER INFORMATION: Candy is dispensed in random amounts depending on size and how long your hand is held under the sensor. The power button is located on the rear of the unit. There is an additional button/switch located beneath the unit base – this is not a power button but must be depressed for operation. This ensures the unit sensor only triggers when the unit is standing upright on a level surface. Unit sensor may trigger unpredictably in response to reflective surfaces.
  • EASILY DISASSEMBLES FOR CLEANING: We recommend cleaning the dispenser upon receipt and before first use. Simply take apart the dispenser according to the included instructions, hand wash or wipe down the internal pieces, and reassemble in a snap. IMPORTANT: please unscrew and remove the thumbscrew on the rear of the clear part of the hopper before attempting to break down the hopper. Failure to do so may cause breakage.
  • POWER INFORMATION: The unit uses 4 “AA” batteries (not included). The unit can also be plugged into a wall socket; the rear of the unit includes a DC socket for a wall adapter (not included). The manufacturer recommends using a UL-certified DC 6.0V 500mA AC adapter.