Smart Keto Cookies – Healthy Low Carb Snacks w/ Key Brain Boosting Nutrients for Kids & Adults – High Protein Gluten Free Snack Food –Paleo & Diabetic Friendly Sweets -No Added Sugar Complete Dessert (Chocolate Mint)


  • NO REFINED SUGARS, KETOGENIC FRIENDLY & LOW CARB APPROVED – After decades of seeing countless families compromise their health in the name of addicting sugar filled grocery items, we decided there had to be a better way! SMART Cookies represent a meaningful step in a happier healthier future
  • GLUTEN & GRAIN FREE – No added preservatives, no dairy and absolutely no fillers, our keto cookies are paleo friendly and the perfect choice when you need a sweet treat without any of the junk


  • THE WORLD’S FIRST BRAIN BOOSTING COOKIE –This value size bag is a smart choice for the entire household, we all know that you are what you eat so why don’t you start snacking like a Genius? This is the snack of the future! 100% guilt free enjoyment with added brain nutrients for a healthier, happier you… Legendary!
  • DELICIOUS SUPERFOOD BASED SMART COOKIES – The world’s first brain boosting snack food just so happens to be universally praised by kids & parents alike as absolutely delicious! Better for your mind & body, SMART Cookies are keto friendly, low carb, no sugar added, gluten, dairy and grain free, while remaining 100% guilt free
  • NOURISH YOUR MIND + SAVOR THE FLAVOR – Clean, better-for-you, great tasting ingredients are further enhanced with the addition of an all-natural adaptogen called Lion’s Mane Mushroom. This potent ingredient has been show to improve brain function while supporting mental health & overall well-being